• Aircraft Sourcing

    The World Is Yours provides aircraft sourcing and acquisition solutions, tailored to your exacting, individual requirements. We provide a complete service from identifying the perfect aircraft, legal and tax advice, ownership structure planning, and finance options. We maintain strong relationships with the top manufacturers, yet remain an independent company, enabling us to offer turnkey, aviation solutions for the best aircraft at the best price. This way our clients receive both impartial advice and representation worldwide. Owning or leasing, we’ll negotiate the best solution to all your aviation requirements.

  • Aircraft Management

    Regardless of whether you purchased an aircraft through us or have already acquired one through others, we’ll happily arrange maintenance, source crew-members, provide operations support, or simply find a proper hangar for your plane.

    We’ll work directly with you to design a management package that meets both your personal requirements and bottom line. We offer full turnkey services as well as tailor-made management solutions all utilising our global supplier relationships to obtain the best possible terms. And because we understand today’s financial environment, we do it all while remaining mindful of cost control, budgeting, and transparent accounting.

  • Charter Brokerage

    For those who do not own a plane, or whose plane is unavailable, our Charter Brokerage is at the ready. By leveraging our aviation partnerships, and extensive connections within the industry, we’re able to eliminate multiple fees as well as ensure that all suppliers maintain the high standards of service and safety you’ve come to expect. Whether it be an empty leg, a special occasion, or a world tour, we will find you the best aircraft at the best price.

  • Air Concierge

    Local Knowledge in Every Locale

    Make each trip more than just a flight, with worldwide concierge services, The World Is Yours customers have unlimited access to insider knowledge at all of the hottest destinations, as well as access to exclusive events and cultural happenings. From getting you tickets to sold-out concerts or seats at the Chef’s table, we have you covered. Perhaps you’d like an Aston Martin to drive at your destination, satellite phones, a Chinese translator, or special attention paid to a particular traveller or pet, our Air Concierge services are unrivaled.

    Sky Attaché

    In addition, each flight comes equipped with its own Sky Attaché. Your personal trip assistant to smooth your departure, ensure the aircraft is stocked with your preferred products and catered with your favourite foods. Your personal Sky Attaché will meet and greet your party, glide you through our private terminal, and ensure that you are comfortably settled in before waving you bon voyage.

    Event Planning

    Bring your whole entourage as we offer full-scale event planning. Why use the jet for just one trip when we can organise anything from wine tasting weekends in Bordeaux to a yacht waiting for you in the harbour at the Monaco Grand Prix. Working with our partners we can plan, advise, arrange, and reserve just about anything. From limited-edition sports cars to penthouse apartments, from private parties to security services, your imagination is the only limit.

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